This month 10 years ago I officially launched FAI. For the prior two years, I had already been working, minorly of course, in the web space. It’s just that I took it upon myself a few weeks after I turned 16 to officially launch a portfolio site. I had big dreams, but really had no idea how building out this company would change my life.

I started without a logo, the original name being Five Alarm Interactive(FAI is short for that), no real clients, and thinking an alarm clock would be a good logo. Honestly, I wish I could have my early original designs of what my portfolio looked like, but this is the oldest I could find.

Not trying to be long-winded here, I just want to acknowledge to myself how much I’ve grown from that point in my life to now. Being a kid growing up in South Atlanta having an interest in tech was never the cool thing or going against the wave of everyone else in general, to be honest. Now that I’m 26, born in the same month I started FAI, I’m happy with how everything turned out.

I’m extremely grateful for everything that’s happened and for the people I’ve met these past 10 years. I’m also just as excited to see what happens next.

So toast to these first 10 years of FAI that shaped and changed my life the way it did, and also for the next 10 years I plan on making FAI bigger and bigger!


Thank You, and Happy Holidays,

From The FAI Family to Yours!