As technology advances, it becomes easier for the general public to get great technology that could rival what is being used by the professionals today at a good price. This is especially so for the camcorder market.Now the average person can go to a store and pick up a great HD camcorder and be filming with the same high quality video output that the pros use.

In addition, the online video sharing community has become a major success story for the last decade. Due to this, it has become quite easy for film makers to get their work noticed by millions. In addition to that, more and more people are are getting discovered for their talents and are either making a living off their online video life on YouTube, or are making millions after being discoverd on sites like YouTube (Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy, for example).

With all the great technology to choose from and the vast amount of avenues you can get your work noticed by millions, what is the hold up from you taking full advantage of this?

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