Welcome to jQuery quickie, and here is where I share some of the jQuery goodness that is in something I have done for a project. Then again, there are still going to be those days where I just want to try something out to see if I can do it and post it. Either way, you’re going to be getting something to use and take away the need for a plugin in your project one at a time.

Today, our jQuery quickie is something that a lot of you should find useful. A small way to automate a CSS active class with jQuery. There is always the possibility that you’ll run into a project where you’re working with a CMS or site where a simple modification to its code just won’t do for the navigation menu. Add that with the unpredictability of clients, and we have ourselves a problem here.

That’s where this code snippet below comes in great handy! Take it for a spin now, and wait till next time when we give it an update.