Whether you’ve just read a famous entrepreneur’s autobiography, or you’re just tired of working for someone else, we all reach multiple points of not having a clue on what to do. Some come as early as figuring out how to start, others may start to see these points at times of difficult decisions, but in the end, we all see them. It definitely can be terrifying, but that’s one of the signs your on to something!

Why It’s Important

Every great venture started in place of uncertainty. In uncertainty, we are left with two options. We can either push forward or call it quits. This step, and hitting it regularly in your business journey, creates a sense of rationality and tackling of reality. That is because we all think our ideas are great, have the potential to change everything, and can create an ideal life for ourselves we desire.

Truth is, not every business is meant to be a massive success and not everyone is meant to run their own business. Facing uncertainty at different stages takes care of assisting in weeding this out. And that’s ok.

What To Take From It

That’s because weeding out bad businesses and ideas is more than just a signal to a failing opportunity. When looked at the right way, if there’s real faith in the work you’re doing, its more like a leap into the right path you were meant for.

Think of the majority of the more famous business owners in the various sectors you’re familiar with. No matter who it is they experience this constantly, either in initiatives they’ve started or for ones they’ve acquired. Some were able to ride out the wave, while others just fizzled out into the afterthoughts of our mind.

The key takeaway here is that uncertainty will be your biggest indicator on whether you’re onto something great, or just buying time until you hit your current wall. Either way, it’s where your endeavors’ growth is defined.