“Experiencing failure is to be living, and steering away from failure is simply to be alive.”


The quote above perfectly sums up the experience of a freelancer, and what makes many back away in terror. Face it people, we live in a world where only the successful ends of journeys are celebrated. In an industry where we are bombarded with success story after success story, it makes you wonder if those people were simply born winners? To answer this, THEY WEREN’T!

In this article three freelancers share their “failure to success” stories:

  • Spencer Forman of LabSecrets and LabZip relates how Ning unplugged him and his partner and how he started all over.
  • Dainis Graveris, founder of 1WD, tells us how 2.5 million monthly unique visitors dropped to 1.8 million, and a change of focus for our readers.
  • My story of how the dawn of Facebook affected my early freelancing career and how it changed me for the better.

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