Everywhere you look on the internet there is a freeware option available that easily competes with its licensed premium version. This competition can become so close that the question of why the premium option is even a possible choice for one often arises. The comparisons of productivity suites Microsoft Office and freeware open source options like Open Office and LibreOffice are a great example of this predicament. This positive change for consumers of course isn’t just for applications. This freeware shift has found itself to every aspect of all content one can find on the internet, of course the font world is not excluded.

Let me attempt at painting a common scenario for you. Imagine that you are starting on a new project, and have come across two fonts. One is a premium licensed font, and the other is a free font. Now the typical answer to this situation would be to go for the free font, save some money on the project, and the client really won’t know the difference so no complaints there. However, is the typical answer the choice that is always right? Is there any additional value that can be gained by going with the premium font option versus choosing the free option? Let’s take a look a look at some reasons why fonts cost so much.

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