*Before reading this article please understand that this is my personal expression from what I’ve seen in my time in the industry. I’ve learned a lot of great positives from everyone I’ve come in contact with in this industry, but this article isn’t about that. Respect what it is, and try to learn something from my experiences.


I started out in this industry back when I was an early teen, 13 or 14, doing designing MySpace layouts. Honestly, that was probably the best time I’ve ever had in this industry. I mean I was a young kid getting paid, overpaid at that, to essentially create one big div tag with images. Life was AWESOME!

Then MySpace went dead in the awakening of Facebook, and I was left with one decision. It was either give up on web industry pursuits, or keep going. I of course chose to just quit right there….. Not really. So with the decision to keep going, I started getting more involved in design communities online with at the time I thought were enormously talented designers. In one or two years later, I was on their level at 17 and 18. Take note that these are really adults with industry experience close to how long I’ve been alive.

That lead me to becoming a prolific blogger on some of the top industry blogs, and becoming one of the top rising young developers in Atlanta, Ga. That is all great, but it hasn’t all been nice. Here is what I HATE about the industry, enough waiting right?!

Untalented Getting Awards

I don’t care what award it is, if I read somewhere that you are bragging about being an award winning developer you better have code ONE MILLION times better than mine. So when I do happen to look upon your code, and notice that it looks like something I did back when I was 16, don’t be mad when there is a lost of any respect I could’ve possibly ever had for you.

Lying In Your Portfolio

If you didn’t do it, why the hell have it in your portfolio? You do realize you’re setting up yourself for failure, and a good laugh from me. Enough of putting up portfolio pieces of big projects, stating that you did it, when you might of only done one little piece. Yet, its a wonder why you get no real callbacks???? A predicament indeed.

Lying Recruiters And Directors

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Young creative walks into a meeting with a recruiter, director, or whoever else, and they’re told that their progression is important to you. That they want to hire you right now for what you’re really good at, and after you’ve proven yourself, then will work on progressing you. Hey, we even have this senior level developer or two will put you under to speed up your growth. Anyone else?

Well I’ve been told these too many times in meetings, emails, and messages on LinkedIn. What I’ve walked away with here is pretty simple. ANYTIME SOMEBODY HIRING YOU FOR YOUR CURRENT SKILLSET INS’T TOO MUCH INTERESTED IN PROGRESSING YOU, UNLESS IT BENEFITS THEM.

Not Going To College Because Someone Else Didn’t

Let me just help a lot of you out here out on this one. If you’re not talented, I mean really talented, like the person you’re using as an excuse for not going to college, the go to school! You really wont’ last no more than a second, tough but true.

Non Creatives Who Think They Can Add Input

How would you feel if I walked over to your desk, pulled up the clients phone number, and then proceeded to chat on the phone with them for the next 4 hours or something talking about vacation homes. An even better idea would be to spend all week watching funny cat videos on YouTube, then on Friday spend the day doing the accounting for the company. That is what you people do right? I think that’s pretty accurate.

My Own Occasional Complacency

There are many times when I just suddenly find myself not really interested in progressing myself in my career. Instead getting by with what I know now. These moments don’t last long because once I realize this is where I’m at mentally, I get mad and do something like this article to get me back in motion :). I won’t be satisfied until I have the ability to look back on my career, like when I’m 60 or something, and say I was the best I could be.

Now If that happens to make me the best, or wealthy, I’ll have no complaints there. None in the slightest….