So you’ve seen a Steve Jobs biopic or two, and now you think you’re ready to change the world. Make the world a better place even, why not right! There’s only one real problem with that, what actually is your idea?

Starting out with the desire to build and create is very important. However, many people always get too caught up into that to actually think out a solid idea. Even if they do come up with an idea, mostly it’s not really something that has a feasible market strategy and use case. Which, in the end, is just a waste of time and money.

So to save you some headache and crippling of your credit score, we’re going to take some time here to go over the best places a budding idealist could look to for inspiration in their next venture.

Teens and Young 20 Something’s

This is easily the most obvious one to most, so just wanted to get into it early. When you think about the most popular entrepreneurial ideas that grew to have a controlling interest in the world we know today all started with cult-like followings in this demographic. That’s because of this age group has on average the perfect combination of minimal responsibility, solid amount of disposable income, and interest in having the hot new thing first.

All that in mind, if you’re looking for an idea to catch on and carry into the worlds’ regular daily life than this is where you need to start looking. This age group is consistently responsible for showing new innovators the different ways life could be made better through the issues they face.

The Workplace

Now that the millennial generation for the most part is of age and entering the corporate workforce, an interesting transformation has occurred in the workplace. This being the importance of company perks and culture.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some years, you’ve seen more than your fair share of articles going over how important a solid workplace is to retain talent. Keeping that in mind, how many of those articles actually cover applications, platforms, or companies that actually provide solutions to improve that?

Considering that we all spend the majority of our lives in a workplace, you’d think there would be more unicornly successful entrepreneurial efforts to make them great. That’s also another reason why I feel this is a very strong untapped market dying to see its potential reached.

New Parents

Today is a different era. In the ’50s where parents were eager to give off the polished look of perfection with raising kids and having the perfect family. These days people are more willing to show their imperfections and support one another in getting better through community help(online or in person). This is great because this offers a whole new world of opportunity that wasn’t present a decade ago, maybe even fully 5 years ago.

Taking the time to understand, and learn about the problems facing this group would lend to a plethora of opportunities in my opinion. While there are many products and platforms dedicated to this demographic, there hasn’t been one that truly defines how this group takes on venturing into parenthood.