If you’ve been up to date with my blog so far, you might have noticed that I usually only make posts that link back to another site where my article is posted and weekly inspiration posts. This is going to change now!

Well, those aspects of my blog will still be around, but I’m going to be working hard on ensuring that I post at least one original article on my blog everyday. For those that remember my quickly discontinued post series on UX and free PSDs, it will be nothing like that. *Adds excitement to your face*

These posts will be all original article, filled with the same great content you’d find by reading one of my articles on one of the many top web industry blogs I write for.

Here are the topics I plan to write on/post:

  • Code Snippets
  • PHP
  • ExpressionEngine
  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Design Process
  • News
  • Freebies
  • Tutorials
  • And maybe more

Thank you to everyone that has been around for this ride with me for so long. From a kid who made a income doing MySpace layouts, to becoming one of the young designer/developer hybrids to look out for in the industry, I’m truly grateful. I just hope you’ll take my articles as a good enough present 🙂