So there is some good news with the Development 101 series JS portion, we’ve now covered enough topics to group it into the first official series of my Development 101 class series!

Class Series???


You’re probably asking to yourself what’s so special about these being in a series? To divulge why this is special, we have to first go over what exactly what a class series is. In a brief attempt to explain this, a class series is a collection of Development 101 articles that share a similar difficulty level.

In addition, the more difficult article or two at the end leads into the difficulty and content type of what to expect in the next class series. This then gives you as the reader the ability to now grow as you read the way I envision with writing these articles. Sorry for forcing myself, but its all to help.


What About Articles That Fit With Other Series?


Good question. Articles that are ambiguous enough that they can belong to other class series will be featured there as well. Of course this occurrence will try to be limited, key word is try, but it can’t be helped if that’s not the case.


JS Class Series #1 Articles