The web design and development industry has a lot in common with sport teams if you really think about it, and of course know enough about sports to see the similarities. Let’s take a minute and look at that. On any sports team, every player has a specific role they each must play for the team to win. A strong well-rounded team will have one star player, typically the leader as well, a diversely talented supporting cast that compliment said star, a group of highly talented reserve players that can come into the game at any time and have their impact felt, the development/minor league team, and then the people who watch them and play as a hobby. The only problem a team built like this could face is that of the ego of the players. Since everyone believes they are the best, it’s going to get even worse with the youngest generation, everyone feels like they should be stars. If that doesn’t sound like the web community to someone, then that person is either in denial or is oblivious to the truth.