LastCheck! This app has been a long and windy road for me, with a lot of twists turns, and brainstorming, but all things must come to an end. After some time and neglect, I spent the top of the year rebuilding LastCheck and streamlining its features.

As time went by from my initial release of the app, I let it fall down to the wayside. At the beginning of the year I took a look at it again, and decided I had to do right by this app. Not only because there were people that had found value in integrating it into their life, but because it is kinda like my baby.

So, I started maybe a month ago doing a complete rebuild of the app. This not only including updating the tech, but also streamlining the features, improved responsiveness, and fixing a main bug blocking previous users of the app from enjoying in full.

Going forward, LastCheck will be much of a when I get time and want something to build on I’ll work on it. Other than that, I’m working out and outlining about 3 different app ideas to hopefully vet out which one to start working on first. And maybe another book, ssshhhh!

As of now, LastCheck is available again for iOS, but the Android version is still in review as of now and I will give an update on Twitter once its back up and running.

2021, and the whole decade for that matter, is going to be a lot of fun and work for me. Thank you for being around to enjoy the ride w/ FAI and whatever comes in the future.