Hello and welcome to the blog section of my portfolio. My name is Jamal Jackson and I am the founder/front man of Five Alarm Interactive.I am a young student designer/developer currently working out of Atlanta, Georgia. I officially started freelancing under my FAI brand late in December of 2008, which is ironic because that is birth month

Why I got into this industry?

Well, despite how weired this sounds, I got interested in web design because around my preteen years I wanted to be a musician. More specifically a record producer and occasional rapper. I got good enough, at least to me at the time, to where I felt I needed a Myspace music account to properly showcase my music and to promote it.

After spending some time struggling with figuring out how to design my own Myspace layout, which I now look back at laughing hysterically, I developed a strong interest into web design. Once I spent more time learning all the different dimensions of web design and development, my interest surprisingly turned into a passion. Ever since it became a passion of mine, it became hard seeing myself doing anything else as a career.

What to expect from my blog?

As a visitor, you can be happy to know I plan on posting on various areas related to design and development. Of course you can expect to read posts about web design/development, graphic design, tech, the latest tech news, inspiration posts, editorials and, everything else typical of any blog you can find online, besides those ones that are only interested in celebrity gossip. None of that will be mentioned here. 😉

What makes my blog different is that we strive to only have posts that have a purpose and that my visitors would love to discuss. I know that there are a ton of blogs that started off saying the same thing, and after they made it big they became more concerned about their web traffic and big checks coming in from advertisement. Note, I am not taking any shots at any of the major blogs of the design and development industry.

Will I be the only author here?

No. I am always looking for talented individuals with a strong stance on a topic to post on my blog. If you are interested, or know anyone that would be interested, pleas feel free to contact me.

Final Notes

Well, that’s all I have to say for my first post. I hope that reading this has gets you excited for whats about to come from this blog.