Weekly Inspiration #91

Every Sunday I plan on posting a Weekly Inspiration post. This is where I showcase a song and quote that is inspiring my creative side for the upcoming week. ...

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jQuery Quickie: 5 second Tooltip

Welcome to jQuery quickie, and here is where I share some of the jQuery goodness that is in something I have done for a project. Then again, there are still going to be those days where I just want to try something out to see if I can do it and post it....

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From Failure to Success – How Three Freelancers Learned from their Failures and Succeeded

“Experiencing failure is to be living, and steering away from failure is simply to be alive."   The quote above perfectly sums up the experience of a freelancer, and what makes many back away in terror. Face it people, we live in a world where...

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Development 101: What is MVC Pt. 2

So in the first part of this article we really didn't cover that much in terms of details. Now don't you feel like your back in class? O how the memories of sitting in class and my professor just talking out of their ass mostly because the only reason...

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Lead Your UX Team like Phil Jackson

Leading a team of talented UX professionals is no easy task. Managing all that creative energy and the egos that go with it; figuring out ways to give everyone their desired level of input while keeping it relative to the project at hand; and having...

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