Pairing Fonts is Like Feeding Children

When starting a web design project there are a lot of difficult decisions to make, including the classic: selecting fonts. Well executed typography can engage visitors, when they’d otherwise perhaps skim over the main body of content. However, it’s...

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5 Surefire Tips For Creating Great UX

As any person who’s really studied UX, there are tons more details that go into it than a pretty UI. These are the people I’m talking to now. Those that understand the roles interviews, psychology studies, color theory, average user tendencies, average...

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4 Quick Tips To Upgrade Your Personal Brand

Thanks to the digital age's new frontier social media, everyone has a voice that can be heard globally. However like anything in life there are always two sides, the positive and negative. Sadly though, the side of social media that gets the most exposure...

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Weekly Inspiration #100

Every Sunday I plan on posting a Weekly Inspiration post. This is where I showcase a song and quote that is inspiring my creative side for the upcoming week....

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jQuery Quickie: Automated CSS Active Class

Welcome to jQuery quickie, and here is where I share some of the jQuery goodness that is in something I have done for a project. Then again, there are still going to be those days where I just want to try something out to see if I can do it and post it....

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