Guess what? I’m no longer a teen, today I turned 20! I’ve never done a post about my birthday, or even share the date for that matter, but today is a little different. That’s because not only is today a birthday and an introduction to my 20s, it is the closing of a chapter in my life that had a lot happen in the last five years that are going to shape the person I am going to be for the rest of my life. I mean career wise alone I’ve managed to create something very special, and I’m very proud of that. Despite this pride, I understand that I must transcend and move on from everything in this past chapter of my life in order to grow into what those around me and myself feel is my future.

So, today I’d like to take a moment and share my accomplishments I’ve managed to achieve during my teens in this industry. Don’t worry, I promise it’ll be as short as possible. 🙂

Becoming a Recognizable Blogger


Had well received articles published by three top industry blogs(SpeckyBoy Design Magazine, Onextrapixel, and of course 1stwebdesigner)

Had an article tweeted by Adobe Dreamweaver

Had other articles tweeted by UX leads at Apple, Philipps, Zurb, and pretty much every web industry blog I used to read when I first got into it

Wrote an article that received over 200k unique views in one day, was used in class lectures, talked about on radio shows, spread like wildfire on the social sphere(over 1K tweets, and over 6k FB likes), and was used by many kids in school reports.

Am able to help people in their careers 🙂


Growing into a Professional


Slow and steady growth of FAI into a strong brand

Worked at a digital agency where I was able to work on high profile clients like Delta TechOps, March of Dimes, and AT&T

Worked at a globally recognizable telecommunications company for their video conferencing apps

Began to expand and promote more FAI with my newfound experience and steadily growing popularity from the blogosphere


Having fun


The most important thing I’d like to say is that no matter how my career ends up, I always had fun.

Oh yeah, I had this one little book published with 1stwebdesigner. Didn’t do too good. Just was a #1 free eBook in the Computer&Internet section on Amazon, peaked top #115 free eBook globally, top #5 paid eBook under Computers&Internet. That’s okay I guess… For a kid anyway.