The only word to describe my experiences in 2012 is just, WOW! There were so many things I never thought I would be able to say that I’ve accomplished so soon in my career, let alone in this short span of a year. Adding to that, I was able to achieve them all before I even exited my teens and turned 20 in December!

I honestly don’t know what to say, what all these means for my future, but there is one thing I want to say for sure. I honestly would like to give the most sincere thank you to everyone. By everyone I’m referring to all the people who retweeted my articles, left comments on my articles saying they loved what I wrote or critiqued the content, all the amazing people I’ve been able to work with, all the people who emailed me saying that my story has inspired them, the people who never thought I’d amount to anything, and just everyone who supported me or failed to believe in my vision. There isn’t one thing that I’ve been able to accomplish without all the people I’ve listed, and I’ll never stop showing gratitude for that.

Now its time for the festivities, of course this is why all you dropped this post. Here is what I’ve been able to do so far in 2012.

My year


  • My blog article on SOPA and PIPA spread like wildfire. It was talked about by college professors, radio stations, and local news stations across the country. The sharing numbers reached the ranges of north of 5K likes and shares on FB and over 1.5K retweets on Twitter. The best moment of all however was hearing that my article got some kids As in school.
  • Had one of my articles tweeted by the great people over at Adobe Dreamweaver
  • My articles were tweeted by UX leads at major companies like Apple, IBM, and Philipps. In addition, I was able to have some great conversations with them. Really cool people.
  • At one time or anther, had my blog articles tweeted by almost all the web industry blogs that I came up reading. Just missing Smashing Magazine… Darn them, get on the bandwagon SM
  • Spent the early part of the year working at a digital marketing agency where I was able to work on such clients as AT&T, March of Dimes, Delta TechOps, Cervilenz, and others
  • I have had articles published on 1stwebdesigner, Onxtrapixel, UX Mag, and InstantShift.(I think that’s the full list)
  • Was able to release an eBook with 1stwebdesigner on Responsive Web Design that held the title of #1 free download in the Computers and Internet section for 3 days straight and peaking at #115 globally, top 5 paid eBook under Computers and Internet, and an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews as of right now
  • Ended the year by beginning working at a major telecommunications company on their video conferencing apps, where they have over 30,000 customers worldwide and service 75% of the Fortune 100

Oh, there is one more thing that really was important that I found at end of the year. I found out that at the end of the day, I want to be remembered as a person who found success in his ability to inspire others to achieve whatever it is they want out of life. That’s all.

Now, here are a few things you can expect from me in the upcoming year:

For the upcoming year


  • More articles of course
  • jQuery plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • ExpressionEngine Themes
  • Ruby Gems
  • A couple more eBooks on some cool topics
  • Possible me being the front-runner of a small, yet strong, team of devs and designers

Closing thoughts


I know ask for us all to raise a hand up for ourselves…….. and slap the person standing next to you. I kid, I kid. But seriously, thank you and let’s go into the new year with the goal of better ourselves, our communities, and enjoying the moments that matter.

For nostalgia purposes, here are my other year-end articles: 2011, 2010, and my teen years