Well, last year I made a post in dedication to me having had two professional years as a freelancer in the creative field. In this post I discussed things relating to my journey up to that point, and how I got started. This time it’s going to be different. Instead of talking about myself, I am going to thank everyone that was apart of my growth this year! I have a lot to be thankful for.

I started out the year with no idea of how I would achieve the things I wanted to, just knowing deep down that I had no choice put to push forward and find a way. I’ve never had a mentor to help me in my learning of this profession, so I was literally all on my own. However that didn’t stop me.

In this year I’ve done some cool things, and couldn’t have done it without people seeing my potential and having a feeling that I could become great in this industry.

– I graduated high school in May, and turned 19 in December
– I had my first article published on a major design industry blog, SpeckyBoy Design Magazine
– The aforementioned article was on the Smashing Network, and was tweeted by big names like Web Designer Depot!!!
– I had an article featured on the sister site of Onextrapixel, InspireMonkey
– I had another article featured on growing blog InspirationFeed
– I also became a regular author on 1stwebdesigner.com!!!!!!!
– All my articles on average, have gotten 200+ tweets!!!!!
– And to top all that, I ended the year with getting an Associate Developer position at full service advertising agency in Atlanta, BKV! Where I work on such clients as AT&T, Realtree, Children’s Healthcare, and others.

This has been a good year for me as a new professional blogger with now a little over a year of experience, and as a web designer and developer. I just wanted to take this time to say thank you now, and later.

2012 I plan on to keep progressing, and every year after that.  I hope everyone else plans on doing the same