As everyone following me should know, I’m a lover and writer of poetry. I was going to release another free poetry book, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time to design it. So instead I’ve decided to release it page by page on my blog, once a week on Tues. at 6:00 PM EST. I hope you enjoy it. My poetry is a mixture of my life and the things I’ve seen. Here is the first page…


Amidst Existence


Destinations set by words forgotten
Hope created by situations mistaken
Perceptions clinging to bonds forsaken
Truths set by morals weaken

What is existence beyond an interlude
Sitting between conflicting realities
Darkness for the wicked, light for the true
But how do they differ qualitatively?

Comfort in an abandoned state
Desperation to forever be lost
Pleading to lose emotions previously faced
Death’s sweet kiss the only accepted embrace

Joyful bliss brought from dear companions
Looking to the blue sky and feeling serene
Viewing time spans as momentous occations
Life being the greatest journey to achieve

Clinging to admission for twilight vices
Pursuing retribution in the path felt authentic
Knowing being mistaken leads to callousness

These are the thoughts,
Thoughts of…..