After years of pushbacks, mostly to traveling and freelance work, FAI Labs has finally launched! FAI Labs will serve as an extension of my freelance brand where all my personal projects will be released. To be clear, this doesn’t take anything away from what I offer with FAI. In actuality, it makes it much better.

A Little Backstory

My whole career I’ve always wanted a balance between personal and client projects. I’ve made many failed attempts at trying to launch new personal brands to support this, but none of them could stick. A large part being me not wanting to step away from these three letters I built my career around. So for years I would either try to push a separate brand with no focus or mesh too much of my personal projects with FAI. Neither of these methods worked out, so I put the idea on hold.

Then a few years ago .io and custom domains became the new “it” thing to have in the tech space. In addition to that, I started noticing a lot of companies adding the labs title to their name to house the cooler side of the tech they were building. So in the same fashion as to why the I in FAI stands for interactive, I got an idea to add labs to FAI. It would serve the same purpose for my company, except the majority of the projects I work on won’t be open sourced.

What To Expect

Now that you have an idea as to why I founded FAI Labs, here’s a few things you can expect me releasing under it in the future:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Open Source Projects

All my blog and freelancing writing will still remain here. This is an exciting time for me, and I hope to be able to release projects that can make your life easier.


To learn more about my new venture, visit FAI Labs.