Engineering Consultant. Best Selling Author. Writer. Tech Lead. Ex-Apple, Ex-Box.

Hello, I’m Jamal. I have over 13 years of experience; more than half of that as a technical lead and architect.

I provide insight into engineering capabilities and productivity, as well as planning and scaling for organizations and product roadmaps.

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Topics Covered


  • FE Architecture
  • Database Design and Mapping
  • Code Scalability
  • Design Decision

Product Planning

  • Scoping
  • MVP Planning
  • Resource Allocation


  • Hiring Strategy
  • Establishing Culture
  • Enabling Your Engineering Team
  • Documentation Strategy
  • Framework Migration Strategy


  • Schedule a call
  • Provide the main point you’d like to discuss
  • During the call, we’ll go over your point in this format
    • Introductions
    • In-depth details on what you’d like to discuss
    • Collaborate together on 1, or 2, possible solutions: immediate and/or long-term oriented
    • Come to a conclusion

My Notable Achievements

  • Promoted to Sr. level engineer at 20
  • Spent over half my 13 year career working in Silicon Valley(originally from Atlanta, Ga)
  • Previously held tech leadership positions at Apple and Box
  • Mentored and coached multiple engineers currently Staff+ level at top companies