Sorry for waiting so late to post this, didn’t mean for it to be so late. Well it’s late for my readers on the same side of the globe as me, for the rest of you I think you’ll be alright.

Moving on I’m making this post today to announce my participation in the 12412 project. This project is more like a commitment anyone can make, as long as you strive to get better in your craft throughout the year. Every month you chose a different skill, design style, or language to learn and/or get better at. I’m taking this month, and probably February too, and starting from the ground up with PHP. Its always good to refresh your skills.

The only issue I have is that I’m still in university, so its going to take me a bit longer than those who are full-time professionals. I however will move on, and not make excuses. I hope you too will join in, it really will help you!