So after spending my first real stress free weekend thanks to finishing my undergrad last year, I figured that was enough of that!

Honestly, it took me 7 years to get myself in a position to where I feel like I’m not very far from being at the top of what I do. Granted in those 7 years of experience building, I was also actually learning my craft and going to business school. So multitasking is the least you could say about that!

Despite all that juggling, I somehow managed to sharpen the skills I began with. As a UI developer, there isn’t anything I can’t do on the web or mobile. And as a backend PHP or Node developer, I’m probably a year or so out before I could say the same there. And I’m not hard on myself about that either, I’m very happy for it because it gives me something to get mad about and and an area for measurable growth. At 22, I need that to stay hungry in this industry.

After 7 years from the time I started FAI, I’m now working at the company that changed the way the world saw technology, Apple! I’m very fortunate to have a chance to spend some time working while on my journey of learning at a company like Apple.

So in short, I just want to say 7 years down and a few more to go until I’m where I need to be!

SN: If  you’re going to be in the Denver area June 13-14 then come see me speak at WordCamp Denver! You won’t be disappointed!