So today I would like to announce that I’ll be starting on two more self published books! Unlike my last one on Responsive Web Design, where I teamed up with my great friends at 1stwebdesigner, this will be 100% all me. These eBooks will be available on Amazon and my own website. In addition, the in progress versions of these books will be for sale on Leanpub. Here are what both are going to be about!

WordPress: Zero to Rockstar

In this eBook I’ll be looking into taking the person with no coding experience whatsoever, and turning them into a rockstar WordPress developer. In the book there will be two forks, the and routes.

The book starts off by going through the process of setting up, and gaining great control, of the .com version of WordPress. This will act as a great introduction to the framework for new comers, but can easily be skipped over by most with any real coding in their background. Then it will progress off into using and manipulating at will the .org version.


The Three Ps of UX

In my time studying and practicing UX, I’ve ended up coming up with a process that can best be summed up into three Ps. This will be a much smaller book compared to my other one.