This is starting to become a reoccurring theme for me and writing If you really think about it. I start off with a post going on about how much I love writing, and want to make a more of an impact on my personal blog and blogging world in general through my unique take on articles. I’ll even go as far as listing off a few topics/article ideas I want to touch on. Then, poof… I’m gone!?!

This time I’m going to be clear and straight to the point with what it is that’s been keeping me from writing more, and why its a good thing. Lets start with why I haven’t been writing as much.

In truth, the reason I haven’t been writing how I would like too in terms of frequency is because I’ve been working on a couple of personal apps for commercial release. This entails building out the front end(mobile app and web) and backend API layer. Needless to say, its a lot of work. And you’ll be able to enjoy that hard work by the end of this summer.

So with the reason I haven’t been writing, now lets move onward with the future. That being me writing more. My writing plans for this blog is to do it at least twice a week consistently. I’ve also been thinking of publishing my content to Medium as well to grow my visibility.

Well, that’s it. My big motives for this summer:

  • Write two articles a week consistently
  • Cross publish articles to Medium to grow visibility
  • Finish and release commercial apps I’ve been working on

Sounds like a lot, right? Well if you know or have been following me for a minute, I’m not the type to enjoy free time. Also stay on the lookout for a few more things I’m planning on doing. Maybe a book, speaking…

Stay tuned to find out more!