Looking back on important figures of the past, and viewing those of today, we always see the one person in front. The person everyone knows, the star in our eyes. While I’m sure that person is as amazing as people think, they didn’t get that way on their own. In that same sense, every business is built on skills and traits of a strong supporting cast.

Growing To Depend

At a certain level, everyone would like to see themselves as the emerging great mind of their time. We all have moments where we see ourselves equivalent to the storied greats like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Henry Ford, etc. Publicly thats the dream, being recognized as the defining pioneer of a whole generation. However despite what most think, none of these people would be where they ended up in history without a solid team every major step of the way.

For most people, especially those with aspirations of entrepreneurship, being dependent doesn’t come easily. Most come into beginning their operations overly critical of the mistakes of others. This then develops the “only way to get things done is doing it myself” attitude. In the end, all that does is slow progress and limit opportunities.

Learning What Works For You

Building a strong team around yourself is a lot more than just gathering the best people you can find. In fact, the first step has nothing to do with anyone else at all. Before taking the time to look around for others, you have to figure yourself out.

Doing this includes everything from defining your best skills and qualities, all the way to how you like to work. Once you understand those things, you’ll know what type of people and skills best compliment you and how you work. Despite how simple and easy I’ve made this sound, don’t take it lightly! This obvious step is critical in determining how you progress.

And of course as you go through changes in size and growth, this has to be coincidingly adjusted to match where you’re at in that present moment.

Staying True To You

As you’re building out your team, and putting a process in place, there comes a lot of changes. Of course, the most important thing about facing changes is being able to adapt to your new situation. However, it’s also just as important to learn to face all these difficulties while maintaining your authenticity.

Building a team around you when you’re used to doing everything yourself takes some adjustments as well. As people, mostly when we let go of things close we try to overcompensate in other ways that likely steer us away from our authentic selves. My last suggestion would be to allow people to come in and help, without it impacting you being you.