So although its been a little over a month since my last article, and another month between that one and its proceeding article. In these months I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who enjoyed an article I’ve written in the past. After the appreciation a question comes up, “When’s the new stuff coming?”


While this question in itself is praise by showing that people enjoyed my past work, it also shows a lack in my production as a writer. The majority of other writers, or bloggers if you will, in the industry wouldn’t take the time to address something like this, and its understandable. However, as someone who started their creative journey with pursuits in crafting with words, its actually important to me.

So I’ll do my best to answer all your questions in your email in one post!


I’m Never Going To Stop Writing


As mentioned earlier, I was a writer before I became a designer and developer. So in short, don’t expect me to grow any distance between LibreOffice and myself.

When I started writing professionally as a blogger, and then a book author and editor, it wasn’t because of the money or popularity solely. The main factor was my love for just writing out my ideas, and hoping that something I wrote would eventually help someone out in their career.

Everything other than those things were really just industry perks.


What About The Articles You Promised In Old Articles


Well, that’s honestly a great question! In my professional writing career of 2 years or so, I’ve written a lot of pieces. Some of those pieces were proudly published here, and others were published on the leading industry blog I was working with that post. Because my writing style is very detail oriented, and my topics always have a somewhat unorthodox message, I often have to gut out my pieces at times to make it more digestible.

In an effort to do this, I often try to break them up into a post series of 2 or three articles. Sometimes I get to fulfill these series, but there are times when I never get the time to. It could be anywhere from the blog I wrote it for moved in a different direction at the time of believed publication, or I just lost interest in the topic and moved onto something new.

I’m naturally a random person, so I’m never on the same thing for too long. I do appreciate those reminders though, and make me excited to make attempts to exceed my previous article visions on the topic. Oh, and s you should expect by now, I will deliver!


Where I’ve Been


Working man! Besides work the fall semester for GA colleges started on the 26th last month, so yeah. Whenever I’m in a school semester I tend to back away from blogging for a while, and try to publish massive spurts of content at once.

Outside of a few personal things, its nothing other than that. However, do expect for me to be a little MIA from the blogging world at times. Its all for the preservation of quality content associated with my name.


Thanks For Caring


At the end of the day, I started out in this industry as a hungry kid who just wanted an opportunity to prove himself. Through years of  late nights with my nose to my monitor learning, and hard at work building my brand up with posts, designs, and code.

In the years of doing that I’ve managed to inspire and aid people in their careers, and thats the greatest thing I can ever take away from any record I broke or quality of article I stayed up late to write the night before an exam to get just right.

So again, thanks!


Now, let’s get to the articles you’ve been dying to read! Ready?