Starting out in our careers we’re all eager to get advice from those that’s already made the steps before us. Out of all the times I’ve given advice, received it, and heard it for others, it makes me wonder. Are we being genuine, are we repeating BS quotes and whats been told to us(mostly) for self importance, or trying to have honest and open conversations?

Anywhere you go to look for career advice the main narrative of today seems to focused on authenticity. That being your true self will take you places focusing on trying to fit in won’t. As much as I’d like to believe that narrative, I don’t think that its the truth.

Sure, being yourself is always the easiest, and hardest, thing for anyone to do. However, when the majority of people say that they really don’t mean it in those exact words. People choose to be around people that have traits they either share or admire. So, what does that mean for the idea of being your authentic self?

To me, it’s more about being honest with how you feel about things and being genuinely nice. In my seemingly long career, I don’t think I could say I was 100% authentic. I would like to say that for the most part, I’ve focused on growing into being nice and friendly in the situations where it makes the best sense. You can never guarantee people will connect with you, or that people have your best interest at heart in aiding your career. However, I found it’s very true in that people will more easily give you respect and trust in my approach.

Being nice is one thing, but that by no means being a pushover. Another aspect of what I feel authenticity in growing your career is standing by what you mean. This referees to standing by your ideas without being completely rigid to difference of opinion, and speaking up when you feel something is wrong without being overly disrespectful.

Just my opinion, nothing factual, but makes sense to me!