Leading a team of talented UX professionals is no easy task. Managing all that creative energy and the egos that go with it; figuring out ways to give everyone their desired level of input while keeping it relative to the project at hand; and having the success of the team define your job security are all part and parcel. Despite how insurmountable this all sounds, there’s another profession with similar challenges on an exploded scale: the NBA coach.

NBA coaches have to wrangle prima donna players, crazed fans, owners who views championships as the only measure of success, and a staff that will never be the same two seasons in a row. In addition, if a season isn’t going well the coach might get fired midway through. Can you imagine getting axed in the middle of a project because your team missed a deadline? Youch!

Despite this wild myriad of obstacles, there’s one coach who has been successful over and over again: the great Phil Jackson. Jackson is widely considered the greatest coach ever, and his 11 championships (three of them three-peats and another two back-to-back) and 13 NBA Finals appearances back that reputation up. So what can UX leads learn from the great Zen master?

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