So after many years of having the previous design up, I’ve finally updated the look and feel of FAI. Though in truth, this is more than just a creative refresher.

This new design update for me also signals a new transition into what FAI does, stands for, and provides to the world. Even before officially setting up shop in 2008, I’ve always acted as a service provider through freelancing or as an independent contractor. While its been great to experience working with people from all over the world, it still leaves yearning for more with what I could do with FAI. And that is why I’m now starting FAI into a direction that better suits me today.

So with that in mind, my new approach with FAI will be transitioning my focus to FAI Labs division. FAI Labs will act as the house of all the personal projects that will be released to the world. I chose to go the Labs division route, instead of spinning off a new entity like I’ve done in the past, because as I’ve grown I don’t want separation from FAI with new ventures.

With FAI Labs I’ll be primarily focusing on app development for the time being, then transitioning into that next book I’ve been throwing around the idea of forever! As far as freelancing and independent contract work, I’m still open and available to taking on those opportunities. However, right now my focus is on building projects for myself and it would need to be an opportunity with a client and/or project I’d feel like I’d enjoy.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention that this new redesign isn’t done with the development phase. There are still some new features, and design tweaks that need to be made here. I decided to upload what I’ve managed to do in my spare time so far because I knew if I didn’t upload it now, it would be another year before I had the time to finish. Which leads to the progression over perfection in the title.