’08-’10 trained me, ’11 claims me, ’12 industry tasted me, ’13 life and career pressures almost collapsed me, ’14 back to me, ’15 still gonna fame me


In one form or another, the above quote is something I’ve been saying since my high school days. Its something of a montra so to speak, a way of cementing my views on my future. As you can see, that journey has been everything but easy.

In my time in this industry a lot of things have happened, and I’ve interacted with a lot of different people. Whether good for me, or destructive to me, I learned something from these experiences. In the true definition of this mysterious thing called life, there was one concept all this time was leading towards me to. Knowing it now, I can’t help but laugh while thinking about it. I mean, its the exact thought I had on my mind back in 2008 when FAI started.

This being, the only way I’ll achieve the goals I desire is if I do it myself with FAI. FAI, my company, brand, and definitive symbol of rebellion to the industry.


Where I’ve Been


For the sake of this post, and to answer a few questions ahead of time, I took some time away from FAI to finish school. This absence of the name I began to build in ’11, and solidify in ’12 – ’13 wasn’t taken without regret. I worked so hard to build a reputation and name, only to not be able to further it and relish in what I accomplished. Believe me when I say it hurt. A lot!

FAI, my company, brand, and definitive symbol of rebellion to the industry.

In my absence I looked at doing one thing getting through my undergraduate program. As of right now, I’m one semester out of graduating and couldn’t be more excited! Not for the obvious reason of having a degree though, but to be able to get back to my brand. In a way, its like I’m having a second run.


What’s Next


So, in an attempt to make this post not too long and sappy I’ll get to the point you’re interested in. My plans for 2015, the year I declared will fame me. From the time I initially said that, my skills and ambitions grew amazingly. So in respect to that, don’t assume these were the same goals I had when I was an teenage kid :). And here they are:

  • Release two word games to the iOS and Android app stores
  • Self publish my second eBook on a TBD topic of either JavaScript or RWD
  • Release at least one phase of my utility iOS and Android app Taskly(name in progress)
  • Plan and schedule second phase of Taskly
  • Write a lot more blog posts!
  • Speak at conferences
  • Do what I feel

Looking, this is quite the lofty list of goals to want to achieve in the near future. Do I have doubts? Of course! Am I worried I’ll overwork myself? Defiantly! Am I scared that I’ll never be able to accomplish any of these things? You’re damn right! Are all these things the lofty dreams of some young fool who doesn’t know his place? Why, yes the hell it is!

However in respect to myself, lofty is the perfect way to define my career accomplishments right now when describing what I’ve done so far. So in short lofty is my thing…

And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Oh, and expect more news to come in relation to all this. Trust me, its exciting.