Continuing off where I left last week with page one of my Thoughts of Transition poetry book, here is what will be the second page. I hope you enjoy, and will download my official release as soon as I am done with the cover!


To Awaken


Deep slumber halted by a tap on the shoulder
Eyes open to see my caller
On the edge I see Hell’s ruler
Devilish grin directed, face of understanding my answer

Not much to speak of initially
Just expressions facially
I close my eyes momentarily
Open to find him right next to me

In this closeness an appreciation arises
Two people with painful past
Pressence engulfed where light is only shown as a flash

Suddenly the illusion fades away
I see in front of me a mirror in his place
Questions seem to go astray
Realizing what this encounter shows about my fate

I lay back and return to sleep
This is what will become of me
So now I rest with my beliefs at ease