Thanks to the digital age’s new frontier social media, everyone has a voice that can be heard globally. However like anything in life there are always two sides, the positive and negative. Sadly though, the side of social media that gets the most exposure is its negative. Well considering all the damage social media can cause, its quite hard to look beyond it.

That’s sad because the positives social media bring create a whole new set of rules for how an individual can be viewed. Everyone is there own brand now, not just celebrities and athletes!

That’s right, personal branding has never been more important to an individual’s career as it is now. Why not take full advantage of it? That’s why in this article we’ll go over 5 quick tips to get you on a strong note with your personal brand!


Get Yourself a Logo


The one thing every brand must have is a symbol to act as easily identifiable representation. Companies use their logos as a way for its market share to easily connect and create bonds with. This same rationale is the same reason why your personal brand needs one.

Unless you have a unique name, everyone tends to blend into faceless names grouped based on skillet and levels. In all honesty isn’t that the main goal of branding, successfully separating yourself?

If you’re putting off getting your own logo because you can’t figure out where to start with the design, quit worrying yourself. As a personal brand, the best thing to create your logo around is your initials.


Use Only One Picture


Be honest, how many different pictures of yourself do you use on sites like Twitter or LinkedIn? If your answer is more than one, then you are doing something terribly wrong! Your profile picture is important in building a recognizable brand because it gives a face to the name.

The more faces you associate with a brand, the less it becomes identifiable. Its just like when you, or a friend if this doesn’t apply, gets a drastic hair change and become unrecognizable. That’s the same affect you’re creating by having more than one profile picture.

It may take time to find one picture that you deem acceptable for everything, that’s fine. In the end it’ll all be worth it when people recognize you by only looking at your profile picture. Trust me :)!


Start Blogging


There is honestly no better way to stand out in your field than sharing what you know. It gives you a chance to give back to the industry community, and create a niche following for yourself. These are all great attributes that all great brands gained before reaching their pinnacles.

If you’re scared to get started blogging because you don’t have expert knowledge on something, that’s okay. Becoming a blogger who creates posts that people enjoy and gravitate to has less to do with being an expert, and more to do with writing well and being honest.

If you don’t know if the way you do things is the best way admit that, but remember to give some honest rationale as to why you do it and you’ll be fine.


Connect with People


It is human nature to be hesitant to communicate with strange people. However when you’re building a reputation, you have to do the exact opposite. Building your personal brand today is more heavily shaped by how well you interact with complete strangers through the net. This could be simple things like replying back to someone seeking advice, or something needing more effort like keeping up a conversation on Twitter.

Treat every person you encounter with decency and kindness, and you’ll slowly build a great reputation as a good person to work with. Besides who know, that one kid you responded to looking for advice could be the link to you getting a $250K project. You never know…