Welcome to UX Fridays, my weekly post series where I showcase a brief UX lesson from my knowledge base to help you better your designs and aid youin your creative process.

Last week, we introduced the concept for flow and this week we will be digging a bit deeper into that. First we have to touch back on flow being the transition process from going from section to section on a website. So, the most important thing to always remember about flow is that you must always take into consideration how you plan out the placement of the sections in your site.

For example, lets take a look at the standard set up of a portfolio site. Typically the logo and navigation menu is to the top, that of course is a basic practice that we all know to do. However, its importance in flow is that it starts how the user will flow through the site. From there it goes into the next section below, which should be placed there for its level of importance being directly under your header information compromised of your logo and navigation menu.

Then from there its all a matter of highest to lowest importance. Well, that was your quick UX lesson for the day. Next week, we shall look into the hierarchy that best suits the theory of flow we have discussed for the past two weeks.