Welcome to UX Fridays, my weekly post series where I showcase a brief UX lesson from my knowledge base to help you better your designs and aid youin your creative process.

This week we will be discussing on how you present your information. Your probably thinking that is the easiest part, just write them into paragraphs and be done with it as long as it fits into your grid system. Well, to be blunt, you are completely wrong. Paragraphs and sentences have their own unique UX principles behind them that must be adhered to. I’ll break it down for you right quick.

1. Think of how the user will view it.

2. Consider the eye strain the line length is causing.

3. Think about yourself as the viewer and what you see when you look at it.

4. Keep it short and sweet, always!

Well, that is all for this quick lesson for this week. Next week we will add some more, and go into the ones listed already deeper!