Welcome to UX Fridays, my weekly post series where I showcase a brief UX lesson from my knowledge base to help you better your designs and aid you in your creative process.

This week, we’re going to take a brief look at one of the best frameworks I’ve seen in recent years, to non web industry folks that would be just a few months. Any who, this framework is Foundation brought to us by the awesome people at Zurb. Although my 12412 project goal for this month was to reteach myself PHP from the ground up, but I had a project that required my attention be put to Foundation today.

Now today I took the time to play, oops I meant to write learn, with this truly amazing framework to see what is all about. My final conclusion is, if you want to build truly responsive and flexible websites then you’d be wasting your time using anything else. This framework is truly responsive, and tested out perfectly on any device I pulled up my demo page on.

The grid is broken up into three main classes: container, rows, columns. The container of course is the wrapper, the row is the holding for each row of your grid(it is also the class that holds your desired max-width), and columns for breaking up said rows. This is a twelve column layout, and each column goes down in size based on the number column you select. So one would be the smallest width, and twelve would be the largest.

I really do advice you to take the time and go over the documentation Zurb provided, you honestly won’t regret it.