Welcome to UX Fridays, my weekly post series where I showcase a brief UX lesson from my knowledge base to help you better your designs and aid you in yourcreative process.

This week we are going to keep it on the light side, I’m not feeling too well so I’m not going to type a lot today. Sorry to everyone expecting a bit more, but I’ll make up for it next week :n)!

Now for this week’s edition, we’re going to look at the UX of a proper responsive website. What I’m going to tell you right now is just one thing, however it is very vital to me in what I have learned this past month from studying proper responsive web design.

In responsive web design, the first thing you should always take in first is device testing. Now you can test your responsive design in your browser by resizing it, or with an emulator of your choosing. However there are certain feels and experience you can only get on the physical native device.

This may not seem like much, or something we all know, but it is the most important thing to me when the design is finished and  its time to see how well it works.

Happy designing and coding!!