• FE Architecture
  • Database Design and Mapping
  • Code Scalability
  • Design Decision

Product Planning

  • Scoping
  • MVP Planning
  • Resource Allocation


  • Hiring Strategy
  • Establishing Culture
  • Enabling Your Engineering Team
  • Documentation Strategy
  • Framework Migration Strategy


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Promoted to Sr. level engineer at 20


Spent close to half my 15+ year career working in Silicon Valley (originally from Atlanta, Ga)

Extensive tech leadership experience for high impact teams, including Apple and Box

Mentored and coached multiple engineers currently Staff level and above at Fortune 100 companies and elite startups alike

Enthusiastic, attentive, calm and poised to perform, are the features define Jamal. Since the day he joined, I’ve seen him learn, grow and collaborate for the success of the team. When put under pressure, he kept his focus and delivered on time. Wish him success in all his future endeavors.

Royston DSouza

of Apple - Engineering Leader

Jamal is a pleasure to work with and a great partner. He is friendly, calm, attentive, responsive, and reliable. His confidence and experience were crucial contributions to my nascent UX-focused project as we built out a first MVP together. Jamal has a deep and diverse technical skillset capable of finding a solution to any issue I brought to him. He would be a valuable member to a team of any size.

Augustus Christensen

of ShareScoops - Founder

Working with Jamal was a pleasure, he was knowledgable and easy going. Jamal would always do what he said he would and was an integral part of my team, he’d voice concerns early and understands process, but also is practical enough to still get the job done when the process goes awry. Good sense of humor and fun to be around, with an interest in contributing to make the industry better through blogging, writing books and speaking.

Evan Mullins

of 10up - Senior Front-End Engineer

Royston DSouza

of Apple - Engineering Leader

Augustus Christensen

of ShareScoops - Founder

Evan Mullins

of 10up - Senior Front-End Engineer