• FE Architecture
  • Database Design and Mapping
  • Code Scalability
  • Design Decision

Product Planning

  • Scoping
  • MVP Planning
  • Resource Allocation


  • Hiring Strategy
  • Establishing Culture
  • Enabling Your Engineering Team
  • Documentation Strategy
  • Framework Migration Strategy


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Promoted to Sr. level engineer at 20


Spent close to half my 15+ year career working in Silicon Valley (originally from Atlanta, Ga)

Extensive tech leadership experience for high impact teams, including Apple and Box

Mentored and coached multiple engineers currently Staff level and above at Fortune 100 companies and elite startups alike

Enthusiastic, attentive, calm and poised to perform, are the features define Jamal. Since the day he joined, I’ve seen him learn, grow and collaborate for the success of the team. When put under pressure, he kept his focus and delivered on time. Wish him success in all his future endeavors.

Royston DSouza

of Apple - Engineering Leader

Integrity is the word that comes to mind when I think about Jamal. I placed him as a front end developer for what was supposed to be a 2 month project and he has made a name for himself at this company. He is so responsive and does what he says and then some. This guy is passionate and knows what he’s doing and I know that if I need something he will respond immediately. If anyone ever has the chance to work with Jamal, I HIGHLY recommend you capitalize and make it happen. I look forward to continuing to work with him now and in the future!

Kelsey Maddy

of MAKE Corporation - Regional Account Executive

Jamal has worked with Facet as a consultant for many engagements for several Facet clients. He has a deep sense of building for scale and setting up systems and processes that provide efficiency for the long term. He has a way of simplifying complex engineering concepts for customers and helping them connect technology to business objectives. Jamal is also atypically reliable and keeps his commitments. He is also willing to go above in beyond in that he not only executes from a “hands-on” builder perspective, but he’s willing to mentor and provide leadership to those that are more junior on his team. I highly recommend him as an asset to anyone seeking full stack engineering expertise.

Blake Gibbons

of Facet - CRO | Co-Founder

Royston DSouza

of Apple - Engineering Leader

Kelsey Maddy

of MAKE Corporation - Regional Account Executive

Blake Gibbons

of Facet - CRO | Co-Founder